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Have you seen these before? They are in peak season right until the early spring! First grown in Japan in the 70’s, they are now grown in California after decades of experimentation between a California orange & Satsuma mandarin…

The SUMO CITRUS™ or Sumo tangerine contains less “albedo” (the white netting covering individual sections) than other varieties. It is essentially a large mandarin, that is seedless, easy-to-peel with a sweet, juicy flesh! It’s a great source of vitamin C, foliate, fiber & potassium. Best part is that it is low in acid, so it is easily palatable, unlike some citrus that might upset your stomach.

The picture above is of those we source from Jonelle’s Grove in central California.  You can find out more information about this wonderful fruit at www.sumocitrus.com

So….what do we do with our Sumo?  Make SUMO TART of course!!


Our tart is a velvety smooth custard offset by bruleed Sumo segments.  A superb balance of sweet and mild tartness!

The knowledge is free, but come on by to check out our Sumo Tart and all of our wonderful desserts, ice cream & sorbets!  Check back often for more info on facts on the ingredients we use!