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Ramekin LA

Summer Flavor: Mango!

In our effort to introduce more Farmer’s Market fresh fruits & produce to you, we feature mangoes today:

These ripe & flavor-bursting mangoes are from Wong Farms in Mecca, CA, deep in Riverside County.  Chef Jason is not one to usually get too excited, but he says that these are the “best mangoes you can get in LA!”

What is the difference between mangoes that are imported to the U.S. from locally grown ones?  The imported ones from Mexico or South America are treated with hot water to remove insect pests, which ultimately also washes away much of the aroma.  Locally grown fruit doesn’t endure such treatment, so ripened ones have a greater richness and fragrance to them.

Vendors like Wong Farms grow things the right way, and the quality and flavor definitely show it!

Come try our MANGO SORBET made with this delicious fruit!  We are still waiting for peak flavor, so it should be ready in about 4 days!  Also, we’ll have a limited time, mango-themed dessert as well!