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Cavaillon Sorbet

The summer heat is in full swing, and what better way to cool off than with some ice cream & sorbet?  Our new flavor today is the Cavaillon sorbet!

We get our Cavaillon melons from Coleman Family Farm in Carpenteria, CA (adjacent to Santa Barbara).  Aside from the melons, they also raise some great varieties of lettuce, vegetables and herbs on their 6-acre farm.

This melon gets its name from the Cavaillon region of Provencal France.  Their original seeds came from Cantalupo, Italy and now are mostly grown in North America.  However, a “true” Cavaillon melon must be grown in the Provencal region to receive the official Cavaillon dedication.

Cavaillon Melons

A ripe Cavaillon has a skin with pale green vertical striping and a bright orange flesh like the picture above with a sweet aroma.  The melon is very sweet, especially the ones we get from Coleman Farms at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Come beat the heat and try this refreshing sorbet, as well as our other great ice creams!  We still have our great mango sorbet made from Wong Farms mangoes, as well as other refreshing fruit sorbets like blood orange, watermelon, oro blanco and much more!

Savory: Cherry Tomato Salad

cherry tomatoes

With our great climate in California, we get great tomatoes year-round.  We buy ours at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market from Munak Ranch (Paso Robles).

The Munak family grows over a dozen different types of heirloom tomatoes.  Due to the unique temperatures of the region, they get plenty of sun during the day and cool nights, making for a very flavorful tomato!

Our Cherry Tomato Salad is dressed with a vinaigrette and shiso pesto.  Add in some house-baked toasted baguettes and house-made ricotta (from Organic Pastures organic milk), it is a great blend of flavors in a very tasty salad!

cherry tomato salad

Berry Cobbler

One of our signature desserts is our berry cobbler!  It’s warm & gooey with its macerated berries and topped with our Tahitian vanilla ice cream….


What’s inside?  Well, we get our strawberries from the well-known Harry’s Berries up in Oxnard.  They are a stalwart at various LA-area Farmers Markets.  They are a family operation and uses only organic practices for all their fruits and produce.  You can find out more about them at http://www.harrysberries.com

organic berries

Our blackberries, blueberries & raspberries come from Pudwill Berry Farms in Nipomo, a small town 80 miles north of Santa Barbara.  Having raised turkeys on their land many years ago, they attribute that to their fertile soil for their various berries.  www.pudwillberryfarms.com

That’s what’s in our berry cobbler!  Come by and enjoy this delicious treat!

New Family Members!

Introducing some new family:  Chocolate Banana Kouign Amann & Valrhona Chocolate Monkey Brain Croissants!

choco banana kouign amann

And meet our entire Kouign Amann lineup: Blueberry, Banana Chocolate, Pink Lady (Apples) & Plain!

kouign amann family

They are crispy, soft, chewy, flavorful and delicious!  Stop by and try one…baked in limited quantities daily mornings…they run out fast!

Churro Borough Popups

Many of you have been calling/inquiring about the Churro Borough popups at Ramekin, and we thought we’d like to address the issue and give you some answers.

The first of a proposed series of Wednesday night summer popups happened on July 2nd.  While Churro Borough thought they’d get busy, they did not expect 600+ people to show up for 400 sandwiches.  While they always advertise “limited quantities: until sold out,” the response for their product was overwhelming.  When employees went out at one point and told some of the people in the back of the line that there wouldn’t be enough for everyone, some people didn’t get out of line and many were understandably upset and disappointed. It went as far as people getting verbally abusive and belligerent.

Churro Borough Popups
Photo credit: Kristie Hang

In order to make it a better experience for all who want a Churro Borough ice cream sandwich, they will in the meantime do all popups through an Eventbrite (free) ticketing system to reserve your place in line.  If you have a ticket, you will be guaranteed to get 2 sandwiches (one person is allowed to reserve 2 tickets).  Hopefully this will relieve the chaos and make a more organized experience for all.

Give Churro Borough feedback on their FB page to let them know that you want some popups to happen at Ramekin and maybe they’ll be back soon! =)  You can also check their FB and www.churroborough.com/contact for the latest popup info!

Iced Coffee

Summer isn’t over yet!  Did you know that we serve a killer ICED COFFEE?  Ramekin exclusively uses Blue Bottle & Zona Rosa beans to drip all of our coffee!  Come by and try some!

ice coffee combo 1

Farmer’s Market Tart

Farmers Market Tart

Introducing our new FARMER’S MARKET TARTS!  In front we have our BRULEED BANANA TART & BERRY TART behind it.  Our tarts are GLUTEN FREE and made with organic almond flour, light lemon pastry cream & topped with organic fruit!


Beat the Heat!

It’s been extremely warm (HOT!) in LA recently, but we wanted to share some options to COOL down during this late summer/early fall season!

yellow watermelon

CORN SORBET (#TamaiFamilyFarms) & YELLOW WATERMELON SORBET (#MurrayFamilyFarms).  Very wide range of flavors, but both refreshingly good!