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Cavaillon Sorbet

The summer heat is in full swing, and what better way to cool off than with some ice cream & sorbet?  Our new flavor today is the Cavaillon sorbet!

We get our Cavaillon melons from Coleman Family Farm in Carpenteria, CA (adjacent to Santa Barbara).  Aside from the melons, they also raise some great varieties of lettuce, vegetables and herbs on their 6-acre farm.

This melon gets its name from the Cavaillon region of Provencal France.  Their original seeds came from Cantalupo, Italy and now are mostly grown in North America.  However, a “true” Cavaillon melon must be grown in the Provencal region to receive the official Cavaillon dedication.

Cavaillon Melons

A ripe Cavaillon has a skin with pale green vertical striping and a bright orange flesh like the picture above with a sweet aroma.  The melon is very sweet, especially the ones we get from Coleman Farms at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Come beat the heat and try this refreshing sorbet, as well as our other great ice creams!  We still have our great mango sorbet made from Wong Farms mangoes, as well as other refreshing fruit sorbets like blood orange, watermelon, oro blanco and much more!