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LA Kings!!

Come celebrate the LA Kings’ run to the Stanley Cup with a COLLABO from Ramekin + Churro Borough!  Limited edition churro ice cream sandwiches featuring the team colors in the flavors of BLUEBERRY / BLACK SESAME / CREME FRAICHE.

These will be available only on Thur (June 12th) night from 7-10pm at our store!  Come on by and enjoy yours!

kings sandwich

Ramekin Little Details…

There are some little conveniences at Ramekin that you might have never noticed when you visit.  Here’s the first:


On our shelf are an array of cables to charge your Android or iphone, and if you need to charge something, just bring your USB cable and use our hub!

The other subtle feature that you will notice will be beneath our tables:


Each of our tables have multiple handbag hooks underneath them.  Hope you take advantage and find them useful!