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Ramekin LA


ram·e·kin  noun \ˈram-kən, ˈra-mi-\  an individual baking dish.  French (ramequin).

what is ramekinla

Ramekins are smaller-sized, glazed, ceramic or glass bowls used to prepare and serve various dishes.  The typical ramekin is white and circular, with a fluted tip and exterior like the ones seen above.  The common ceramic ones are made to be used in high temperatures, like inside ovens or for being exposed to the torching of crème brûlée.

At our shop, we use ramekins for hot and cold.  You can enjoy scoops of ice cream & sorbets in them, or enjoy a wonderfully warm cobbler or bread pudding!


We source as much as we can from the farms at Santa Monica & Hollywood Farmers’ Markets. We believe that what you put in your mouth affects the whole body and mind, and that nutrition is the key to a vibrant and healthy life. Why be alive, if you can’t enjoy it? Why sit in the sun, if you can not enjoy a stroll with a loved one or frolicking with little ones?

organic berries

All of our ice creams are made in-house with the best of ingredients. Our sorbet flavors constantly vary depending on the seasonal fruits. You’ll notice the depth of flavor in our ice creams in addition to the uniqueness. We believe that before you can blown away by unique flavors, the basics & fundamentals need to be excellent first.

blueberry sorbet (2)

Please keep in mind that we bake most things to order. That means some items will take in upwards of 20 minutes and nothing bakes for less than 10. We also make your coffee and tea to order so please sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with us!